The Tower Raid Open Beta for Dying Light 2 is now available, unveiling an innovative Co-Op adventure.

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A recent announcement from Techland has unveiled the launch of the Tower Raid Open Beta for Dying Light 2 with the new game update version 1.17. This Tower Raid brings forth a fresh cooperative gameplay experience to the immersive first-person action adventure set in a zombie-infested world, drawing inspiration from the VNC Tower mission within the game’s campaign.

Embark on a simple yet challenging mission to ascend to the tower’s peak and claim the special rewards waiting for you. Each attempt will present you with various floor layouts featuring different obstacles and objectives. To add an extra layer of excitement, unique modifiers are applied to each run, influencing gameplay for better or worse for players, enemies, or both.

To partake in the Tower Raid adventure, players can initiate it through Jai’s Board, an element unlocked through the “Lost Armory” side quest which becomes available upon reaching the Central Loop region. Once activated, you and your companions (if playing in a cooperative mode, which is highly recommended by Techland) will be spawned into the Tower’s lobby. Your journey through Dying Light 2’s Tower Raid will take you from the ground level to the tower’s pinnacle, provided you can overcome all adversaries. Your approach to encounters and exploration for loot on each floor is entirely up to you.

Upon successful completion of the activity, you will earn Jai’s Reputation Points and Tokens, currency that can be exchanged with him for various items, including the Tower Raid chest. At the tower’s summit, an Airdrop awaits containing valuable loot and an Exotic Weapon. Additionally, upon completing the Tower Raid each week, players will receive bonus Reputation Points and Tokens.

The Tower Raid Open Beta is scheduled to run until July 18. Following this period, Techland plans to introduce a challenging Elite mode with tougher foes, increased tactical gameplay, and more rewarding loot. Updates will also incorporate three additional floors, ten fresh modifiers, and four extra rewards. In the final week, seven new modifiers, three rewards, and double Jai’s Reputation Points returns will be added upon completions.

To mark the Tower Raid Open Beta event, Dying Light 2 Reloaded Edition is currently subject to a 60% reduction in price. As a bonus, the second DLC is still on track for its anticipated release later this year.


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