The upcoming XDefiant update will introduce the addition of Team Deathmatch mode to the game.

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Ubisoft’s latest shooter, XDefiant, officially debuted in May and swiftly attracted some gamers following a few initial server problems. The game seems to be performing well, but enthusiasts have been clamoring for more gaming modes. Specifically, the absence of Squad Elimination mode in the game has stirred some curiosity. Thankfully, starting today, XDefiant will feature Squad Elimination.

Squad Elimination is a fundamental component of the multiplayer shooter category. The concept is straightforward – assemble two teams on opposite sides and allow them to battle it out, all while collaborating and communicating to secure victories. In XDefiant, the current modes, Convoy and Control, promote a high-speed play style, so it will be intriguing to observe if Squad Elimination introduces a more strategic element.

The XDefiant team surprised the community by announcing that Squad Elimination would be implemented into the game earlier this week, confirming that the update will roll out today, June 21st. Players with XDefiant already installed should find the update available for download by 6PM tonight (UK time).

XDefiant was positioned as Ubisoft’s contender to Call of Duty, and throughout its beta trials last year, many players hoped it could rival COD multiplayer during a non-main release year for the continuous franchise. Nevertheless, the game faced numerous delays, pushing its release far beyond the original late 2023 window. The game is now accessible on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 as a free-to-play offering. For those seeking a purely strategic experience, Ubisoft’s other shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, remains thriving and continues to receive new enhancements.

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