The Veilguard Challenge Levels feature Nightmare and Personalized Choices

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The latest details from BioWare, as part of their exclusive Game Informer feature, shed light on the various difficulty modes players can expect in Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

Among the preset challenge levels are Storyteller, Adventurer, and Nightmare, each offering a unique experience. While Storyteller and Adventurer are adjustable during gameplay, opting for Nightmare locks that difficulty for the entire playthrough, requiring a fresh start if you wish to change it.

One intriguing addition is the customizable ‘Unbound’ setting, empowering players to tailor their challenge by adjusting factors like parrying timing, targeting assistance (up to full auto-aim), enemy aggression levels, damage input and output rates, and even navigational aids. For those who prioritize narrative immersion, a no-death setting is available.

Corinne Busche, the Game Director, clarified to Game Informer that these adjustments are not meant as cheats but as inclusive features to cater to a diverse player base. More accessibility options are promised, with additional details to be unveiled closer to the game’s launch.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard is currently set for a broad Fall 2024 release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X, although this schedule might be subject to change, especially with Gamescom just on the horizon.

While waiting, delve into our comprehensive overview article to absorb every inch of information available on the upcoming entry in the esteemed RPG series.

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