This week, gamers can expect to acquire DLSS for games like Pax Dei and Deep Rock Galactic.

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Nvidia’s roster of DLSS-compatible games is expanding. In the current week, three additional games are debuting with DLSS 3 technology, which includes Frame Generation, enabling RTX 40 GPU users to enhance frame rates even more. One of the noteworthy surprise titles is Pax Dei, an MMO that has been garnering attention recently due to its ambitious sandbox aspirations.

Pax Dei is now accessible through Steam Early Access. As it is a pre-alpha title, there will be minimal optimization in place, potentially leading to compatibility issues with various hardware setups. Nevertheless, for those equipped with an RTX 40 series graphics card, enabling DLSS 3 can enhance performance by up to 3x at 4K resolution. While users with an RTX 30 or RTX 20 series graphics card can still activate DLSS, the Frame Generation feature will not be available to them.

Still Wakes The Deep, an adventure situated on an oil rig amidst a fierce storm at sea, also boasts DLSS 3 with Frame Generation, resulting in an average performance increase of 2.6x.

The last game to join the lineup is Sail the Isle of Skye, a fresh offering from Aurora Game Studios. By leveraging DLSS 3, players can expect a typical frame rate enhancement of 2.4x. As with all DLSS 3 supported games, Nvidia Reflex is also integrated, allowing for reduced system latency and heightened responsiveness during gaming sessions.

For those inclined towards mining minerals such as rock and stone, Deep Rock Galactic has recently incorporated DLSS 3 support, although it might not be essential as the game is generally undemanding on hardware requirements.

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