Todd Howard stated that there are no plans for Fallout or Elder Scrolls remasters in the near future.

Todd Howard Declares Absence of Fallout or Elder Scrolls Remakes in the Near Future

Speculation has been rife among fans due to the extended wait for the next mainline Fallout title, anticipated sometime post-2030. Rumors have circulated regarding potential remasters of Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Nonetheless, Todd Howard has cast doubt on this prospect.

Addressing YouTuber MrMattyPlays in an interview, Howard deliberated on the possibility of revamping older games. While many developers are eager to modernize classic titles with updated graphics and mechanics, Howard takes a different stance on preserving Bethesda’s timeless classics. He prefers not to ‘tarnish’ their legacy and believes gamers should experience these titles in their original form.

Bethesda currently has a packed schedule, with the imminent launch of its first Starfield expansion this year and more content planned for the future. The studio also dedicates resources to enhancing Fallout 76, which has witnessed a resurgence in player numbers. However, the top priority remains the ongoing development of The Elder Scrolls 6, finally in progress six years after its initial announcement.

Fortunately, for PC users, the ability to craft personal remasters through mods exists. Additionally, owners of Xbox Series X/S consoles can experience most of Bethesda’s older titles at 60FPS through backward compatibility mode.

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