Top Five – June 21, 2024

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Red Hat Hits Key Milestone in In-Car Linux with Safety Certification for Linux Math Library

Red Hat has secured a crucial safety certification from exida for the Linux math library, a core component of the Red Hat In-Car Operating System. This achievement demonstrates Red Hat’s leading position in obtaining Safety Element out of Context certification for Linux in the automotive sector. Discover more


ComputerWeekly – Effective Strategies to Combat Container Misconfiguration

Addressing misconfigured containers is a significant cloud security challenge, often resulting from shortcuts in cloud and containerization implementation that lack alignment with the broader strategy. Explore how organizations can ensure proper configuration and robust defense of containerized environments without succumbing to complexity. Find out more


Insights on AI in the Insurance Sector from Red Hat Summit 2024

The insurance industry took a prominent position at the Red Hat Summit, leveraging the enthusiasm around GenAI to deliver practical and valuable technology solutions for professionals in the insurance field. Dive into the process of transforming data, expertise, and insights into a GenAI model while safeguarding intellectual property. Learn more


Forbes – Revolutionizing AI Model Development and Performance with InstructLab

InstructLab, an open and model-agnostic platform, enhances the performance of open-source models and tackles scalability issues common in traditional LLM training. By empowering the open-source developer community, InstructLab enables developers to contribute skills and insights to any LLM, fostering collective model improvement. Discover more


Red Hat Elevates AI Support for Telecommunication Service Providers

Red Hat unveiled several innovative projects at the Red Hat Summit 2024, such as RHEL AI and enhancements to Red Hat OpenShift AI. Explore how these AI-driven initiatives can assist telecommunication companies in staying competitive by embracing intelligent automation and AI technologies. Learn more

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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