Transform your voice into your own personal assistant with Truecaller’s latest feature.

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Caller ID service Truecaller is giving users the ability to create a digital assistant that has their voice and can respond on their behalf. Truecaller launched its AI Assistant feature in 2022 to screen phone calls and take messages. Up to this point, it utilized pre-made voices, but now, thanks to the power of Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech, you can use your own voice for your assistant.

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Setting up your voice within Truecaller is quite simple. You need a subscription to Truecaller Premium, which is $9.99 a month per account. Once subscribed, the software will prompt you to select an AI assistant. Instead of choosing a pre-made voice, opt for “Add your Voice.” Follow the instructions to read a consent sentence and a training script aloud into your phone’s microphone. This process helps the AI mimic your speaking style. Truecaller uses Microsoft’s Azure Custom Voice to process the recording and create a high-quality digital replica of your voice.

While the technology may not be perfect yet, as the digital assistant’s responses can still sound robotic, it is an innovative way to screen incoming calls and prevent spam. The company has showcased the AI’s capabilities in a YouTube video, demonstrating its ability to mimic vocal inflections. Keep an eye out for updates as the feature is expected to roll out in a public beta across select countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and Sweden, over the next few weeks. Truecaller aims to make the feature available to all users in eligible markets soon after.

If you’re eager to try out this cutting-edge feature, ensure you are subscribed to Truecaller Premium and stay alert for any announcements regarding the availability of the update in your region. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your smartphone into a personalized assistant that mirrors your own voice and style.

For further information on how recordings are stored and other related queries, reaching out to Truecaller directly can provide additional clarity. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new feature and make the most of Truecaller’s latest offering to enhance your mobile communication experience.

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