Ubuntu Sway Remix version 24.04 has been launched, discover the latest features.

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Introducing Ubuntu Sway Remix, an unofficial iteration of Ubuntu that leverages Sway, a trim, tiled, and Wayland-adaptable window manager highly regarded for its efficiency and minimal resource utilization.

This distribution caters to individuals who appreciate simplicity and authority, primarily managed through keyboard directives. Today, the developers rolled out Ubuntu Sway Remix 24.04, constructed on the groundwork of Ubuntu 24.04 “Noble Numbat,” unveiling the newest additions.

Prime Highlights of Ubuntu Sway Remix 24.04

The standout feature of the release is Sway 1.9, enriching the window manager with complete backing for fractional scaling. This enhancement proves advantageous for monitors with high resolutions, enabling finer adjustments to the interface scale, thereby enhancing the clarity and accessibility of everything from text to icons.

Ubuntu Sway Remix 24.04

Further, thoughtful enhancements have been made in hardware interfacing. The latest iteration presents a method to automatically reinstate specified keyboard backlight configurations upon waking from sleep. Enhancing screen brightness has also been refined and made more precise by replacing the former light instruction with brightnessctl.

Considerate of user input, the default configuration now deactivates the screen saver during installation procedures—particularly advantageous on slower drives where system slumber could disrupt setup proceedings.

The inclusion of the Qt6 iteration of the Kvantum style engine significantly boosts visual uniformity across applications, ensuring that applications utilizing Qt6 libraries blend seamlessly with the system’s overarching aesthetic.

Moreover, to optimize the user interface, desktop assistance for keyboard shortcuts is now disabled by default, minimizing on-screen clutter. Those reliant on keyboard commands can effortlessly reactivate this aid through a new button on the Waybar.

Software administration in Ubuntu Sway Remix 24.04 also undergoes a substantial enhancement. GNOME Software supplants gnome-packagekit, providing a more user-friendly approach to managing application installations and upgrades. Additionally, the updated Sway Input Configurator now resides at version 1.4.1, further refining the customization of input devices to enrich user engagement.

Consult the announcement for comprehensive details on all alterations. Ubuntu Sway Remix 24.04 “Noble Numbat” is accessible for download as an ISO file from the official site.

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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