Unknown startup introduces groundbreaking LED screen with record high resolution ideal for upcoming Apple Vision Pro — Q-Pixel offers top-tier color display, fitting an entire 4K monitor into a unit just slightly larger than a tiny button.

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Q-Pixel, a startup, has devised its own fundamental polychromatic RGB microLED technology to substitute the century-old monochromatic LED, and address various fundamental issues with the decade-old microLED display technology.

This Silicon Catalyst Portfolio Company has engineered what is referred to as the “highest resolution, active-matrix color display” globally, cramming an impressive 6800 pixels per inch (PPI). While the majority of advanced VR displays utilize micro-organic LEDs (micro-OLEDs), Q-Pixel’s displays are composed entirely of III-V compound microLED pixels created from inorganic materials, which the company states were cultivated “across a single compound semiconductor wafer, without any utilization of sub-pixels, quantum dots, color filters, polarizers, or mechanical stacking.”

These III-V compound microLED pixels provide heightened brightness, quicker response times, and enhanced energy efficiency, rendering them suitable for the forthcoming generation of headsets such as Apple Vision Pro. To put things into perspective, Apple’s current generation display “only” provides 3380 PPI.

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