Unwanted Service? Amazon’s Approach Is To Charge Customers Upfront For It

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Amazon’s Strategy: Insisting on Upfront Payment for Unpopular Service

In a week filled with unsettling revelations in the realm of cybersecurity, ranging from systemd’s dubious activities to potential Apple breaches and zero click Outlook attacks, Amazon has emerged with a rather peculiar move in the business sphere. The year 2024 has witnessed a series of security upheavals, almost akin to scratching a lottery ticket filled with distressing scenarios. Yet, as the week draws to a close, it appears that a dose of humor may be just what we need.

Enter Amazon, presenting us with one of the most comically unconventional corporate resolutions of the year. The once-beloved Alexa, a smart assistant whose allure has been steadily diminishing as consumers grasp the limitations of its utility, now finds itself at the center of a financial quagmire. Amidst the ongoing trend of phasing out support for older devices and the unsettling incidents involving the inadvertent collection of personal data, Amazon’s Alexa has transitioned from a non-profitable venture to a notable drain on the company’s finances.

Choosing not to concede to its declining popularity and opting against either enhancing its functionality or discontinuing the service altogether, Amazon has opted to escalate the situation. Their proposed solution? Implementing a monthly fee of $5 for the rudimentary version of Alexa, with a premium offering dubbed “Remarkable Alexa” available for $10 per month.

In this curious turn of events, Amazon seems to believe that consumers would eagerly embrace the opportunity to part ways with their hard-earned cash for a service they neither desire nor actively utilize, as opposed to availing the same service at no cost.


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