Utilize private computing with Intel® TDX and Ubuntu 24.04 now

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Experience secure personal processing with Intel® TDX and Ubuntu 24.04 immediately

Exploring the realm of Intel® Trust Domain Extensions (Intel® TDX) on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS brings a heightened sense of security to your computing environment. The integration of Intel® TDX with Ubuntu hosts and guests streamlines the migration of workloads into a confidential computing setting without any adjustments at the application layer. This marks a significant advancement in fortifying confidentiality within your data processing infrastructure.

Advantages of private computing utilizing Intel TDX

Confidential computing addresses a crucial phase in data security by safeguarding data while it undergoes processing in system memory. The conventional security measures focus on data at rest and in transit, leaving a vulnerability concerning data in use. Intel® TDX on 4th and 5th Gen Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors establishes a sturdy safeguard through secure trust domains (TDs) that mitigate various software threats, extending protection even against physical memory breaches. By weaving in new security extensions, Intel® TDX ensures robust memory isolation and hardware-based access control to thwart unauthorized access effectively.

What’s included in Ubuntu 24.04 for enhanced security

Canonical and Intel have joined forces to provide an Intel-optimized Ubuntu build derived from Ubuntu 24.04, delivering an enriched set of security components to support Intel® TDX confidential workloads seamlessly. This tailored build covers host-side components such as a 6.8 kernel, Libvirt, and QEMU, along with guest-side essentials including a 6.8 kernel, Shim, Grub, and TDVF for in-guest VM firmware. The release also incorporates Remote Attestation capabilities, empowering users to verify the integrity of their workloads within Intel® TDX environments.

Figure 1. End-2-End TDX software stack with Ubuntu

Support and maintenance structure

Canonical commits to providing robust security maintenance and enterprise support for the Intel-optimized Ubuntu 24.04 build throughout its lifecycle. Regular kernel updates and ongoing support ensure a smooth transition to new features as they evolve upstream, following a structured approach to hardware enablement. This proactive strategy strikes a balance between feature integration and secure deployment.

Future prospects and collaboration

The collaboration between Canonical and Intel underscores a shared vision for advancing confidential computing, especially in the corporate landscape where host and guest capabilities hold paramount significance. As Intel propels forward with additional silicon features, Canonical remains steadfast in delivering optimized Ubuntu builds, paving the way for a seamless adoption of Intel® TDX by end-users. Your feedback and queries play a pivotal role in the continuous innovation and enhancement of data security solutions for tomorrow.

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