Valve introduces a new Steam Deck category on the ‘Most Played’ charts.

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Valve has been quite active recently, upgrading numerous of its services while refreshing others. In the wake of the Steam Families overhaul and the newly introduced Steam Screen Recording feature, Valve’s Steam Charts page now includes a new segment.

The official Steam Deck page announced on Twitter that “We have just introduced a new Steam Charts section showcasing the most-played games on Steam Deck. This roster is updated daily, and you can delve into the top 100 games on Deck by week, month, or year.”

Valve has been notably proactive in sharing Steam Deck gamer rankings, so having the ability to view it personally at any time is well received.

Not surprisingly, on the Steam Deck Top 100 list, Elden Ring currently holds the top spot for most-played game – with Stardew Valley, Balatro, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Kingdom Hearts following closely behind.

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Valve adds new Steam Deck section to ‘Top Played’ charts

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