#WeArePlay honors creators of apps and games from Australia

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Artistic Chair Studio, Sydney

Unveiling more #WeArePlay narratives originating from the land down under, as well as tales from around the world, and do not hesitate to distribute your top preferences.

Upon completing his studies in computer science, Brian ventured into a profession as a three-dimensional artist. After a period in Silicon Valley, he came back to Sydney and established his personalized gaming enterprise, Artistic Chair, blending his technological competencies with his love for creativity. During a game developer tournament, Brian — in collaboration with his spouse and three other contenders — formulated a demanding game centered on evading monsters and projectiles called No Humanity in a mere 48 hours, securing the lead position. He later enhanced and unveiled the game within a week, accruing more than 9 million installations to this day. Participation in Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator initiative in 2022 enabled Brian to extend the reach of his studio. In addition to aiding aspiring artists in the sector, he also advocates for a more engaging gaming encounter, wherein players can craft and savor their individual components.

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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