Wrensilva Refreshes the Traditional Hi-Fi Cabinet

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Wrensilva, the company based in San Diego specializing in vintage hi-fi consoles, has introduced a fresh selection of solid wood finish choices and enhancements in audio quality for its hand-made Record Console Collection.

Crafted using carefully chosen woods, the collection consists of the flagship M1 and The Standard, now offered in natural walnut (displayed on M1 in the initial image), tobacco (dark) walnut, and blonde mahogany finishes with leather-clad record compartments, brushed metal legs with adjustable feet, and detachable speaker covers made from a novel duo-weave fabric.

The company collaborated with renowned music engineer/producers — Giles Martin, Manny Marroquin, Don Was, and Joe Harley — to develop a distinctive sound that Wrensilva co-founder Scott Salyer describes as warm and expansive. Salyer expressed, “Our distinctive sound is warm and faithful. It’s not about us, but about honoring the artist’s creation. It’s challenging to step back and that’s why working with creators is crucial for us.”

“[The console] delivers a warm and marvelous sound as delightful as its appearance, with a truth and sincerity that brings your beloved albums to life,” mentioned Giles Martin, the son of the legendary Beatles mentor and producer, the late George Martin.

In paying homage to the vintage stereo console that was a staple in American living rooms during the 1960s and ’70s, the M1 and its smaller counterpart, The Standard, both feature a built-in turntable and support contemporary wireless streaming via Bluetooth and Sonos/AirPlay (Wi-Fi), along with two line-level inputs for a CD player or other input device and pre-out jacks for integrating the console into an existing in-wall audio system.

The turntable utilizes a belt-driven design mounted on a floating base to reduce vibration, equipped with a frosted acrylic platter and aluminum tonearm fitted with a high-end Ortofon 2M Black (M1) or a more affordable 2M Blue (The Standard) moving-magnet cartridge. Adjacent to the turntable, the control panel features bass, treble, balance, and volume knobs, along with a five-option source selector; toggle switches above the panel manage power (on/off), turntable playback speed (33 1/3 or 45 rpm), and cavity lighting (on/off).

Sound is produced through a two-way bass-reflex speaker system with left and right driver complements, each pairing a customized Egyptian papyrus cone woofer with a 1-inch textile-dome tweeter and driven by a 300-watt-per-channel Class D IcePower amplifier. The M1 features a 9.5-inch woofer, larger than The Standard’s 7.5-inch woofer. The M1 is rated down to 31 Hz and The Standard down to 33 Hz (both ±3 dB, measured off-axis.)

Both models come with a compartment next to the turntable that can hold up to 15 albums (The Standard) or 20 albums (M1), as well as storage in the louvered-door cabinet below for 130 or 150 albums, respectively. Sizing up at 70 inches wide, 31.5 inches tall, and 22 inches deep, the M1 is slightly larger than The Standard, which measures 59 inches wide, 29 inches tall, and 19 inches deep.

“At Wrensilva, our primary design philosophy revolves around timelessness with a touch of the unexpected,” commented Debra Salyer, co-founder and chief design officer. “We are dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship and intentional design choices that set our products apart from standard pieces of furniture, making them an integral part of your musical journey for generations.”

Pricing for the enhanced consoles begins at $18,880 for the M1 and $14,880 for The Standard. Each console is packaged with a diverse selection of three vinyl records, curated by respected producer and president of Blue Note Records, Don Was. For more details on Wrensilva’s updated Record Console Collection, visit

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