X-Men 97 season 2: insights into the popular Marvel series’ comeback on Disney Plus

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X-Men 97 season 2: essential details

– No official release date yet
– Development midway, potential release in 2025
– Season 2 scripts ready before showrunner Beau DeMayo exited
– Core cast set to return
– Expected continuation from season 1 conclusion
– Comic books may offer hints about season 2’s plot
– Talks underway about a potential third season

X-Men 97 season 2 could be one of the most anticipated projects at Marvel Studios.

A sequel to the 90s classic X-Men: The Animated Series (X:TAS), X-Men 97 surprised many with the success of its first season on Disney Plus, overshadowing other Marvel Phase 5 productions and proving the appeal of high-quality animated content from the comic book giant.

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