X11 has been removed from Fedora Workstation 41.

X11 Removed from Fedora Workstation 41: A Shift to Wayland

Since Fedora Linux 36, the platform has been actively embracing Wayland as its primary user experience. In an effort to modernize and streamline user interactions, the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) made the unanimous decision to exclude X11 support from the upcoming Fedora Workstation 41 release, slated for late October.

With all votes in favor, Fedora Workstation 41 will exclusively showcase Wayland, marking a significant departure from the inclusion of X11 packages for GNOME in previous releases. This move aligns Fedora with the industry-wide transition away from X11 support and towards the adoption of Wayland for graphics display.

While GNOME X11 packages will no longer be pre-installed in Fedora 41, they will remain available for manual installation from the repositories maintained by the GNOME Special Interest Group and the Workstation Working Group. Users performing in-place upgrades between major Fedora releases will retain access to Xorg, although fresh installations of Fedora 41 will require the manual installation of Xorg packages.

The transition to a Wayland-only environment in GNOME Workstation offers users a cleaner and more efficient graphical display framework that integrates the latest advancements in graphical technology. The introduction of the NVIDIA 555 display driver with explicit sync support enhances the performance and user experience, making Wayland a preferable choice over X11 for many users.

For further details on Fedora 41’s decision to completely eliminate X11 support, interested individuals can refer to the proposal documentation and the voting results from FESCo. The shift to Wayland underscores Fedora’s commitment to embracing innovative technologies and improving user experiences across its platforms.

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