Xbox collaborates with Amazon to offer Game Pass on Fire TV Sticks

Microsoft recently revealed its scrapped cloud-streaming Xbox console, unveiling abandoned technology through filed patents. As a result, Microsoft has forged a partnership to offer Xbox Game Pass on Amazon’s Fire TV stick.

Corporate Vice President of Xbox Experiences and Platforms Engineering, Ashley McKissick, announced the collaboration on the Xbox Wire Blog. McKissick highlighted, “At Xbox, we are dedicated to extending the excitement and camaraderie of gaming to all. Today, we are unveiling a joint effort with Amazon where Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members across more than 25 nations can indulge in gaming directly from the Xbox app on specific Fire TV gadgets through cloud gaming, granting individuals greater flexibility in how they engage with their preferred games.”

“The app is set to roll out next month for Amazon’s latest Fire TV Stick 4K (2023) and its ‘Max’ variation,” McKissick mentioned in conclusion. “In recent years, we have been on a voyage to deliver cloud gaming to an expanded array of devices and a broader audience globally. We are thrilled to incorporate Fire TV into our expanding roster of cloud gaming gadgets and eager to embrace fresh players into this realm.”

Opting to collaborate with hardware manufacturers already entrenched in countless households is a strategic move for Microsoft. The impact on Game Pass subscriptions will be a development worth observing.

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