XDefiant achieved a total of 11 million players within a span of five weeks.

It was no secret that Tom Clancy’s XDefiant had a powerful start, with reports indicating it as Ubisoft’s swiftest game to hit 1 million users. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot officially disclosed in the Ubisoft blog yesterday that XDefiant has amassed approximately 11 million players within a mere five weeks of its launch.

Our approach moving forward involves closely heeding the feedback of our players and making informed decisions on where to direct our efforts; conquering the realm of Games as a Service is a victory with lasting repercussions. Take XDefiant, for example. There’s a substantial amount of work ahead, but it managed to draw in 11 million players within a brief period. This number is poised to grow with the team’s diligent efforts to enrich the experience in Season One. It’s all about making the right decisions and sticking to them.

In addition to ongoing updates, diverse gameplay experiences, and refined mechanics, I envision its emergence as a significant esports contender. Realistically, the future holds boundless potential for a game of this nature. Our remarkable team is fully committed, engaging with players, and receptive to their input – a critical factor in our strategy. The journey has commenced on a strong note, yet a challenging path lies ahead, and I am eager for us to rise to the occasion.

Although the game adopts a free-to-play model, the figures speak volumes about its initial success. XDefiant remains in its pre-season phase, with the eagerly anticipated Season One slated for launch next Tuesday. The update will introduce the GSK faction from Rainbow Six Siege, three fresh maps (Daytona, Clubhouse, and Rockefeller) scheduled for monthly release, three new weapons, the official commencement of Ranked Play, a Capture the Flag mode, and an array of new progression rewards. The roadmap outlines four seasons throughout the inaugural year, each ushering in a new faction, three maps, three weapons, and more features.

Adding to the Ubisoft buzz, Yves Guillemot also confirmed the development of multiple Assassin’s Creed remakes.

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