Xpeng is targeting pre-orders for flying cars this year, with plans to begin deliveries in 2026.

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Brian Gu, co-president of Xpeng, revealed that Xpeng AeroHT, a subsidiary of the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng, is working on the development of a groundbreaking flying car project. The company’s “Land Aircraft Carrier” features a two-seater passenger electric drone concealed within a large truck. This flying drone has the unique capability of detaching from the truck, enabling individuals to board and operate it independently.

Gu emphasized that the flying car’s target market includes customers seeking leisure and adventure experiences in scenic locations, outside bustling urban centers. Xpeng envisions collaborating with local authorities to establish designated flying parks and zones where flying enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of aerial mobility without the complexities of obtaining extensive approvals.

The certification process for the Xpeng flying car is currently underway with the Chinese aviation regulatory body, signaling the company’s commitment to ensuring compliance with safety and operational standards. While the initial delivery timeline was initially set for the fourth quarter of 2025, Xpeng has slightly adjusted the target to aim for customer deliveries by 2026.

Gu reassured potential customers that the flying car’s initial use will not require passengers to hold special licenses, as the focus will primarily be on recreational and sports-related activities. However, as the vehicle’s operation potentially extends to urban environments, more stringent licensing requirements may come into play, necessitating advanced approval processes.

The foray into the flying car segment aligns with Xpeng’s broader strategy to diversify its offerings within the realm of electric mobility. CEO He Xiaopeng had previously hinted at the company’s ambition to explore futuristic technologies, such as robotics and flying vehicles, as integral components of its long-term vision.

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