Amazon Astro, your home robot!


What it is:


Let’s imagine you’re looking for a way to boost your smart home’s security and entertainment.


Introducing Astro, the friendly home robot from Amazon. This innovative device is designed to be your mobile Alexa companion, patrolling your home for security, following you from room to room for entertainment, and even helping you check in on loved ones remotely.


Astro can be a helpful companion in a few ways, depending on what you prioritize for your smart home.


Here’s a glimpse into what Astro can do for you:


  • See your home from anywhere: Astro can patrol your house when you’re away, using its built-in navigation to explore freely or follow designated routes. If the alarm triggers or you just want to check in, you can use the Astro app to see a live view from its camera and listen through its microphone. Astro can even investigate unusual sounds or movements, giving you peace of mind.

  • Stay connected with a mobile Alexa: Imagine having Alexa on wheels! Astro can follow you around the house, responding to your voice commands for music, podcasts, audiobooks, or controlling your smart home devices. Need to set a reminder or catch up with a friend? Astro’s here for you, with a 10.1-inch touchscreen that allows for video calls.

  • Enhanced security with Ring Protect Pro: (Optional service) Take your home security to the next level. When paired with a Ring Protect Pro subscription, Astro can work seamlessly with your Ring cameras for features like proactive patrolling, activity investigation, and secure cloud storage of video recordings.


But is Astro right for you? Let’s examine the details:


Enhanced Home Security and Monitoring:


  • Remote Patrolling: When you’re away, Astro can patrol your house using its navigation technology. You can set specific routes or have it explore freely.
  • Live View and Investigation: If the alarm goes off or you want to check in, you can use the Astro app to see a live view from its camera and microphone. It can also investigate unusual sounds or movements.
  • Ring Protect Pro Integration: If you subscribe to Ring Protect Pro, Astro can work in conjunction with it for features like proactive patrolling, activity investigation, and cloud storage of video recordings.


Improved Communication and Entertainment:


  • Mobile Alexa: Astro acts like a mobile Alexa device, following you around the house and responding to voice commands. You can play music, podcasts, audiobooks, or control smart home devices with your voice.
  • Video Chat with Screen: The built-in 10.1-inch touchscreen allows for video calls with friends and family. Unlike stationary displays, Astro can follow you while on a call.


Other Potential Uses:


  • Keeping an Eye on Pets: While not specifically designed for pet care, you can use Astro to check on your furry companions remotely.
  • Delivery Point for Reminders: Instead of relying on stationary Echo devices, Astro can find you and deliver reminders or messages.




  • Intelligent motion: Uses navigation technology to move around your home and reach you.
  • Stay connected remotely: Send Astro to specific rooms or check in on people and pets.
  • Ring Protect Pro compatibility: Works with Ring Protect Pro for proactive patrolling, activity investigation, cloud storage of video recordings, and more (30-day free trial included).
  • Alexa integration: Use Alexa for voice commands, music, video chats, playing media, and controlling smart home devices.
  • Touchscreen display: A 10.1-inch touchscreen with a 5-megapixel camera for video calls.


Things to Consider:


  • Availability: Currently by invitation only and not widely available for purchase.
  • Price: US$1,599.
  • Limitations:
    • Operates on single floors only, cannot navigate stairs.
    • Suitable for areas up to 3,500 sq ft.
    • May not work well with certain home features like curved edges, black glossy floors, or floor transitions greater than 1.375 inches.




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