Broadcom’s VMware offers more benefits and flexibility to cloud service providers and customers.

Amidst the evolving landscape of VMware’s offerings, Broadcom has introduced a range of concessions tailored specifically for its cloud service providers. These adjustments are in response to feedback from customers and partners, aimed at addressing concerns and improving flexibility within the VMware product and service portfolio.

VMware’s VP for Partners, Managed Services, and Solutions GTM, Ahmar Mohammad, has detailed the concessions made by CEO Hock Tan on the company’s website. Existing VCSP Premier Tier members will maintain their status, with potential exemptions for partners facing distinct regulatory or data constraints, such as those in the European Economic Area and the UK.

Addressing issues raised by CISPE, Broadcom has extended support to Cloud Commerce Managers to offer white label services. Additionally, VCSP Registered Tier partners and former VMware Cloud Provider partners uncertain about their future with VMware have been granted an extension until May 31, 2024, to transition to the new framework.

Furthermore, partners choosing to exit the program have until April 2025 to continue their cloud services. These measures provide partners with additional time to effectively migrate their services while adapting to the changes brought about by Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware.

Reflecting on ongoing transformations post-acquisition, Mohammad and other VMware executives have acknowledged the challenges faced by customers during this transition period. The series of concessions and extensions are aimed at mitigating concerns and ensuring a smoother evolution for all involved parties.

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