Campfire Audio introduces the Fathom wired earbuds featuring 6 balanced armature drivers and a premium four-digit price point.

Campfire Audio makes some of the best wired headphones in the business, with models like the Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon and Trifecta receiving praise for their sonic performance. However, the company’s latest release, the Fathom, introduces a unique driver configuration aimed at delivering a “detailed presentation with just the right touch of mid-band warmth”. The Fathom headphones boast an ergonomic machined aluminum body, anodized in black, with Rainbow PVD fastening halos adding a touch of elegance to the design.

The standout feature of the Fathom is its innovative driver setup, which includes six custom-made balanced armature drivers. This setup comprises dual high-definition super tweeters for crisp highs, custom mid-range drivers for vocals and instruments, and dual BA woofers for rich bass frequencies. While this engineering prowess ensures exceptional sound quality, the premium materials and technology come at a cost, with the Fathom priced at $1,049 / £1,049 (approximately AU$2,012).

‘Sound true to the original recording’ is actually a pretty wild idea for Campfire Audio – but it’s a good one

Campfire Audio has built a reputation for crafting unique sound signatures across its product range. The Fathom, however, takes a different approach by aiming for authenticity and fidelity to the original recording. This departure from the norm in the audiophile world underscores Campfire’s commitment to delivering a pure listening experience. The integration of the intricate BA drivers in pursuit of this goal remains to be fully tested, but the concept is promising.

Furthermore, the Fathom package is not just about the earbuds themselves. Campfire Audio includes a range of accessories to enhance the overall user experience, such as a folding leather carrying case, a rainbow PVD carabiner, ear tips, an earphone cleaning tool, and a Campfire Audio lapel pin. Additionally, buyers will receive two cables – a 3.5mm and a balanced 4.4mm termination – featuring the company’s Time Stream design with silver-plated copper conductors in a ribbon configuration.

While the Campfire Audio Fathom earbuds offer premium sound quality and craftsmanship, their price point positions them as a high-end audio product. As such, they may not be featured in budget buying guides but cater to audiophiles seeking a premium wired earbud experience. For those looking for wireless alternatives at a lower price point, exploring the best budget wireless earbuds guide might be a more suitable option.

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