Coming soon, Google Chrome will allow you to communicate with Gemini directly from the address bar.

How to use Gemini in Chrome right now

If you’d like to try out the new exciting feature that Google is working on, stay tuned for the direct communication option with Gemini right from your address bar in Google Chrome. This adds convenience and efficiency to users who engage with the AI chatbot. By simply typing ‘@gemini’, users will have instant access to interact with Gemini without the need to visit the official Gemini website directly.

The feature is currently being developed and is not yet widely available. According to reports from Windows Report, a ‘chat with Gemini’ shortcut is set to be integrated into the address bar of Chrome. This shortcut will streamline the process of accessing Gemini, making it more accessible and user-friendly for Chrome users.

Google introduced Gemini into the browser earlier in the year by including an AI-powered ‘help me write’ feature. This move showcases Google’s commitment to enhancing user experience by integrating AI assistants like Gemini. By empowering users with quick and direct access to AI tools, Google aims to level up its services and keep up with competitors like Microsoft, which has been actively promoting its AI helper, Copilot, across various platforms.

For those eager to try out the feature now, you can experiment by typing ‘@gemini’ in your Chrome Canary browser. While the feature may not currently be fully functional, Chrome Canary provides a platform for testing new features. To enable the Gemini interaction, launch Chrome Canary, navigate to chrome://flags in the address bar, and activate the feature. After restarting the browser, users should be able to chat with Gemini directly from the address bar, providing a glimpse into the potential seamless experience with AI integration.

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