Confirmed to showcase a third-person perspective and the ability to reallocate character attributes; the game director commends its impressive progress and readiness for release in 2024.

Avowed revealed a brand-new cinematic during the recent Xbox Game Showcase 2024, and an update on the Obsidian website initially indicated a November 12th release date before being corrected.

The most significant new details emerged today on the latest special episode of the Official Xbox Podcast, where Avowed Game Director Carrie Patel made an appearance. She unveiled fresh footage (albeit only accessible in Full HD) and shared a wealth of new details. Notably, the game will offer a third-person perspective option, a departure from all previously released content. This will be well-received by players who experience motion sickness with a first-person view.

Patel also highlighted how Obsidian intends to clearly signal to players when their equipped weapon is underpowered due to lack of enhancements. In addition to insufficient damage output, players will receive clear visual and auditory alerts to indicate the need for gathering resources to upgrade the weapon.

The footage showcased dynamic nighttime scenes in Avowed and provided a peek into the party camp, where the player character and companions can rest, recover, and engage in important discussions.

Furthermore, a detailed look at character advancement was shown. At specific level milestones, players can enhance their attributes: Strength boosts damage and carrying capacity, Endurance increases health and resistance to poison/bleeding, Agility enhances attack and movement speed, Awareness raises critical hit probability and maximum range, Intellect improves Essence and elemental resistance, and Willpower enhances stamina and reduces Second Wind cooldown.

With each level gained, the character earns an ability point to invest in skills from the Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, and Godlike branches. Avowed employs a classless system, allowing players to focus entirely on the Wizard tree (or any other) or create a versatile character. Some skills aid in traversal, like Fan of Flames clearing obstructed paths quickly. A respec feature is available for those who wish to reallocate points.

During the podcast, Obsidian demonstrated how a quest could be resolved in two contrasting manners. To obtain the heart of an ancient forest creature, players can either eliminate her kin (resulting in a subsequent confrontation) or use stealth to retrieve the item diplomatically.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Carrie Patel expressed optimism about releasing Avowed this year.

Having recently visited the studio, I must say the game looks exceptional. The team is dedicated to fine-tuning it, and we are confident about 2024.

It is possible that Obsidian and Microsoft are waiting to gauge the release timeframe of Dragon Age: The Veilguard, which may be unveiled soon along with gameplay footage. Both are fantasy action RPGs likely targeting a November debut.

Avowed will be accessible on PC and Xbox Series S|X, and it will be part of Game Pass from day one.

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