Developers successfully managed to run PSP games on the PlayStation Portal, and then promptly reported the exploit in a responsible manner to ensure it was patched.


The latest PlayStation Portal update has reportedly addressed an exploit that allowed PlayStation Portable (PSP) games to be emulated natively on the streaming handheld. This development was a result of efforts by developers who managed to run PSP games on the PlayStation Portal and then responsibly reported the exploit to ensure it was patched. An employee at Google, Andy Nguyen, shared details of the exploit in a recent Twitter post that was first spotted by VGC.

Nguyen, who had previously claimed to be part of a small team that successfully got PSP games running offline on the PS5 peripheral through hacking and the open-source emulator PPSSPP, confirmed that the exploit they used has now been patched. This fix was implemented in the latest PS Portal software update, version 2.0.6. While the official patch notes are vague, stating generic improvements in system software performance and stability, the swift response from Sony to address the issue is commendable.

The PS Portal is a dedicated gaming handheld designed for game streaming, offering limited functionality such as connecting to a PS5 console remotely. Despite the disappointment for some users regarding these limitations, the device has been lauded for its ergonomic design, featuring an 8-inch LCD display between the two sides of a DualSense Wireless Controller. Its performance, especially with a high-speed internet connection, allows for seamless gameplay of top PS5 titles while on the go.

Although unofficial emulation may not be possible on the PS Portal following the patch, there are numerous handheld gaming consoles available for offline gaming experiences. Interested players can still opt for original PSP devices that are reasonably priced in the second-hand market for a nostalgic gaming experience. The focus on maintaining the device’s primary function of game streaming demonstrates Sony’s commitment to delivering a smooth and reliable gaming experience to users.


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