Doodle for Google declares 2024 countrywide finalists

In this season’s Chosen for Google competition, pupils aimed their focus towards the future. Commemorating Google’s 25th anniversary, myriad of K-12 students from all around the United States presented innovative Artworks based on their hopes for the upcoming 25 years.

The highest 55 Doodles were recently disclosed and viewers were encouraged to select their preferred choices. Presently, the decisions have been made, our panel has discussed — and we have our five countrywide elite.

Entries were appraised based on their response to the theme conveyed through both their illustrations and written description, in addition to the overall artistic value and originality. In this edition, finalist recognition categories were implemented to spark enthusiasm amongst pupils to aspire large: the Visionary Accolade for extraordinary creativity; the Earth Honor for Artworks emphasizing sustainable practices; the Community Champion Accolade for aspirations revolving around the local community; the Technology Prodigy Accolade for artworks that emphasize technology; and the Radiant Grin Accolade for the most cheerful Doodle.

Below are the this year’s Chosen for Google national top five (in order of age group):

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