For the first time ever, Waymo’s self-driving cars are now transporting Uber Eats deliveries.

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Two Waymo autonomous vehicles drive themselves down Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S., March 18, 2024.

Caitlin O’hara | Reuters

Uber Eats customers may start receiving orders delivered by a Waymo self-driving car for the first time in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The new service, part of a broader multiyear collaboration between the two companies, marks the official launch of Uber’s delivery partnership with Waymo. In October, the partnership kicked off with Uber offering rides in Waymo’s self-driving vehicles, now expanding to include autonomous food deliveries.

Phoenix becomes the seventh site for Uber Eats’ autonomous deliveries but the first to utilize Waymo’s vehicles. Previously, Uber Eats had partnerships with robotics companies to pilot autonomous deliveries in other markets. The expansion to food delivery in Phoenix signifies the joint mission of both companies to promote zero-emission transportation and drive innovation for consumers and merchants.

The latest offering is limited to Uber Eats users in select areas of Arizona like Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe. Ordering is available from specific merchants in these cities, with the service area expected to grow in the upcoming weeks. Deliveries will be made using Waymo’s electric vehicles, particularly the Jaguar I-PACE models. While the exact fleet size of Waymo remains undisclosed, this initiative aligns with the commitment to sustainable transportation.

Customers in Waymo-serviced regions on Uber Eats have the option to select autonomous delivery, subject to standard fees but exempt from tips. Uber mentioned the possibility of expanding the service beyond Phoenix but did not confirm plans for additional cities. Additionally, Waymo’s core ride-hailing service is currently operational in parts of Los Angeles and San Francisco, hinting at potential future expansions of autonomous services.

“The addition of food delivery to Uber’s ongoing collaboration with Waymo highlights the shared goal of promoting emission-free travel and fostering innovation for the benefit of Phoenix residents and businesses,” said Uber in a blog post. The integration of autonomous food deliveries into the existing partnership stands as a testament to the companies’ dedication to advancing sustainable transport solutions.

Uber Eats users in areas served by Waymo’s self-driving cars can choose autonomous delivery as an option for their orders. The companies’ joint efforts aim to pave the way for more environmentally friendly and efficient delivery services, setting a new standard for the future of urban mobility.

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