Google is making changes to its finance team to align with the company’s focus on artificial intelligence, the CFO announces in a memo to employees.

Alphabet Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat revealed in a memo that Google is restructuring its finance organization to prioritize investments in artificial intelligence. This reorganization will involve layoffs and relocations as the company shifts resources towards AI development. Porat highlighted the ongoing industry transformation and emphasized the need for Google to adapt to emerging technologies to enhance products and services for users.

As part of the broader workforce restructuring efforts, Google is making strategic changes to align with the evolving tech landscape. CEO Sundar Pichai had previously hinted at upcoming job cuts in 2024, especially in teams focusing on innovative technologies like AI. The restructuring will impact finance teams globally, with regions like Asia-Pacific and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa expected to be affected.

Porat outlined plans to establish operational hubs in key locations like Bangalore, Mexico City, Dublin, Chicago, and Atlanta. These hubs aim to centralize certain functions and streamline operations to enhance efficiency. Despite the changes, Google remains committed to maintaining a strong presence in the San Francisco Bay Area to leverage talent and innovation opportunities.

In her memo, Porat mentioned the concept of creating vibrant “Fin’oogler” hubs worldwide, emphasizing cultural cohesion and operational effectiveness. The term Fin’oogler refers to Google employees in finance, reflecting the company’s unique corporate culture. While acknowledging the challenges of workforce transitions, Porat expressed gratitude to departing colleagues and underscored the company’s focus on future growth and innovation.

Google’s spokesperson reiterated the company’s commitment to strategic investments and operational enhancements to capitalize on growth opportunities. The ongoing organizational changes seek to align resources with key product priorities, streamline operations, and facilitate more agile decision-making processes. By creating a more focused and efficient structure, Google aims to position itself for continued success amid evolving market dynamics.

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