Intel will play a major role in bringing advanced AI technology to the Olympic Games Paris 2024, showcasing more power than ever before.

With the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and Paralympics fast approaching, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has revealed its ambitious plans for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the event, aiming to make it the most technologically advanced games to date.

IOC President Thomas Bach has introduced a comprehensive AI agenda for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, showcasing a range of AI-powered services and tools designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the event.

Set to debut on July 26, AI will have a substantial impact on various aspects of the games, including social media oversight, athlete training, and broadcasting, marking a significant milestone in leveraging technology for sporting events.

The IOC’s Vision for AI Integration

During the IOC AI Agenda launch event in London, Bach emphasized the importance of embracing technological advancements, particularly AI, to uphold the distinctiveness and relevance of the Olympic Games.

Bach highlighted the unprecedented strategy developed for utilizing AI at a major sporting event, emphasizing the potential for AI to support athletes rather than replace human performance.

By focusing on leveraging AI to enhance athlete capabilities, the IOC aims to maximize the benefits of technological innovation in the world of sports.

(Image credit: IOC)

Intel has emerged as a pivotal player in driving the advancement of AI capabilities in collaboration with the IOC, endeavoring to enhance the global appeal of the games for fans worldwide.

One of the innovations introduced is an immersive sports experience at multiple Olympic venues in Paris, enabling spectators to discover which Olympic athlete’s performance resonates with their own through AI-powered applications.

Equipped with Intel’s Gaudi accelerators and Xeon processors, featuring integrated AI acceleration such as Intel’s OpenVINO, AI Platform Experience, this initiative showcases how technology and AI can empower athletes striving for peak performance levels.

Moreover, Intel is dedicated to preserving and extending the legacy of the Olympic Games by converting archive videos into 3D digital artifacts accessible at the Olympic Museum, providing enthusiasts of all ages with an interactive experience.

By leveraging advanced solutions developed by Intel’s Emergent AI Lab, videos are transformed using neural object cloning to offer fans a lifelike exploration of historical Olympic moments.

Furthermore, Intel’s hardware plays a vital role in enhancing the IOC’s broadcast capabilities, employing Xeon-powered broadcast servers to encode and compress live TV signals at 8K/60FPS/HDR within milliseconds. This streamlined process enables high-quality global broadcasts, facilitating seamless livestreaming on a scale never seen before.

Olympic Games Paris 2024 Intel partnership

(Image credit: Intel)

“The heart of AI is compute,” remarked Christoph Schell, EVP and CCO at Intel, emphasizing the widespread integration of AI technologies across various applications.

Bach reiterated the IOC’s commitment to exploring the vast potential of AI, underscoring the organization’s determination to lead the evolution of AI in the realm of sports while upholding the core values of the Olympic movement.

In conclusion, Bach emphasized the IOC’s proactive stance in shaping the AI future of sports, illustrating responsible leadership by embracing technological transformations without compromising the essence of the Olympic values.

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