Introducing Google Vids, the latest video creation tool designed specifically for your office environment in Workspace.

Google Vids launch

(Image credit: Google Workspace)

Google Workspace has announced a new video creation app as it looks to expand its services to all areas of business content. Announced at the company’s Google Cloud Next 24 event today, the new Google Vids app will allow users to create all kinds of content suitable for the workplace, from training videos to product pitches – all within their browser. Unsurprisingly, AI will play a key role in the new service, offering companies of all sizes a wide range of customization and optimization tools to help create truly original video content.

“People tell stories at work every day, whether it’s HR onboarding new employees to the organization’s mission, the training team creating digital learning experiences, or a salesperson pitching a new client on the benefits of their offering,” Aparna Pappu, VP/GM, Google Workspace, noted. “As a storytelling medium, video has become ubiquitous for its immediacy and ability to “cut through the noise,” but it can be daunting to know where to start.”

Sitting alongside existing Google Workspace apps such as Docs, Slides and Sheets, with full interoperability between the suite, the company says Vids can be an all-in-one video, writing, production, and editing assistant in one single package. Following your prompts, the app will be able to generate a storyboard for video editing, and once users have picked the exact visual style they want, Vids will bring pieces together a first draft with suggested scenes from millions of high-quality stock videos and images. It will also handle the audio for videos, adding in background music, and can help with providing a voiceover — whether that’s a selection of several preset voiceovers, or using your own.

Google Vids will be released on Workspace in June 2024 and will be available as part of a user’s existing subscription.

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