Is the salary of Intel’s CEO higher than that of AMD’s CEO? The answer may be expected if you consider the organizations.

The salary of a CEO is often regarded as a significant indicator of a company’s standing and success in the industry. When we delve into the earnings of Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger and AMD’s CEO Lisa Su, some interesting revelations come to light. Data from 2023 showcases a stark contrast in their total compensations, with Gelsinger trailing significantly behind Su despite a notable increase in his earnings .

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s total compensation in 2023 was reported as $16.86 million, reflecting a substantial 45% surge from his 2022 earnings of $11.61 million. Conversely, AMD CEO Lisa Su’s total compensation for the same period amounted to $30.35 million, marginally surpassing her 2022 compensation of $30.22 million. This disparity underscores the differing financial landscapes of the two tech giants and their respective approaches to executive remuneration.

Examining Compensation Components

The breakdown of the CEOs’ compensations reveals intriguing insights into their income structures. Gelsinger experienced an 18% decline in his salary, which stood at $1.07 million in 2023. However, his stock awards surged to $12.43 million, and his non-equity incentive plan compensation spiked to $2.89 million. On the other hand, Su received a salary of $1.2 million, along with $21.85 million in stock awards and $5.84 million in options .

Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang is also a significant player in the tech industry, with a compensation package that saw fluctuations in recent years. In the fiscal year ending January 2023, Huang’s total compensation totaled $21.36 million, showing a slight decrease from the previous year’s $23.74 million. Noteworthy is Nvidia’s impressive stock performance, soaring by 238.9% in 2023, which may impact Huang’s future compensatory figures. As Nvidia continues to make waves in the market, Huang’s position amongst the world’s wealthiest individuals solidifies .

The Stock Market Impact

One crucial aspect influencing CEO compensations is the company’s stock performance. In 2023, Intel’s stock witnessed a 90.1% increase, while AMD’s stock skyrocketed by 127.6%. However, a significant observation made by MarketWatch is the contrasting stock trajectories since Gelsinger assumed the CEO position. Intel’s stock plummeted by 28.5%, whereas AMD’s shares surged by 92.5%, showcasing the market’s response to leadership and company strategies .

In Conclusion

As the tech industry remains volatile and competitive, the salaries of top executives serve as barometers of company fortunes and operational effectiveness. While Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger may trail behind AMD’s Lisa Su in total compensation, market performance and strategic decisions continue to shape these numbers. With Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang navigating a landscape of impressive stock gains and industry accolades, the interplay between leadership, stock performance, and compensation highlights the intricate dynamics of executive pay in the technology sector .

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