Is there going to be a ps5 pro in 2024?


Officially, there is no confirmation from Sony about a PS5 Pro being released in 2024. However, there are rumors and leaks suggesting a possible launch this year. Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far:


  • Rumors and Leaks: Several industry insiders and analysts have hinted at a PS5 Pro launch in the latter half of 2024. This aligns with the release timeline of the PS4 Pro which arrived three years after the original PS4.
  • Sony’s Statements: Sony themselves have stated that the PS5 is currently in the “latter half of the console cycle,” which could indicate they’re preparing for an upgraded version.
  • Market Demands: With advancements in technology, some speculate that a PS5 Pro might be released to keep pace with the evolving capabilities of high-end PCs and offer features like 8K resolution gaming.


Here’s the caveat:


There’s also the possibility that these rumors are unfounded, and Sony might choose to focus on expanding the PS5 game library and enhancing existing hardware through software updates.

based on rumors and speculation, here’s what some experts predict:


  • Processing Power: A more powerful CPU and GPU compared to the base PS5. This could translate to faster loading times, smoother frame rates, and potentially higher resolutions (like native 8K gaming).
  • Memory: An increase in RAM from the base PS5’s 16GB could be implemented to handle more demanding games and improve overall system performance.
  • Storage: A jump to a faster SSD (Solid State Drive) or a new storage technology altogether could significantly reduce loading times.
  • Graphics Enhancements: Support for features like ray tracing at higher resolutions and improved graphical fidelity are possibilities.


It’s important to remember that this is all speculation.

Sony may choose entirely different directions if they do release a PS5 Pro.

Based on industry discussions surrounding a potential PS5 Pro, backwards compatibility is a highly likely feature. Here’s why:


  • PS4 Backwards Compatibility Success: The PS5’s strong backwards compatibility with a vast majority of PS4 games has been a major selling point. Sony would likely want to maintain this advantage with the PS5 Pro.
  • Technical Feasibility: The PS5’s architecture is already designed to handle PS4 games. Upgrading the hardware shouldn’t significantly impact this capability.
  • Market Expectation: Gamers increasingly expect backwards compatibility when transitioning between console generations. Omitting it from the PS5 Pro could be a major drawback.


There’s a possibility that Sony might introduce limitations on backwards compatibility features, such as:


  • Frame Rate or Resolution Boost: The PS5 Pro might offer improved frame rates or resolution for select PS4 games, but not all titles might receive this treatment.
  • PS3 Backwards Compatibility: The base PS5 doesn’t offer native PS3 backwards compatibility, and it’s unlikely a PS5 Pro would change that. Sony might rely on PS Now streaming service for access to some PS3 titles.


Price, based on industry speculation and historical trends, here’s what we can guess:


  • Price Increase Likely: A PS5 Pro with upgraded hardware would likely cost more than the base PS5’s current price of $499 USD (prices may vary depending on region).
  • Historical Reference: When Sony released the PS4 Pro in 2016, it came with a $100 USD price jump compared to the original PS4. This could be a potential benchmark for the PS5 Pro.
  • Market Competition: Sony might need to consider the pricing strategy of their competitor, Microsoft, and the Xbox Series X.


Possible Price Range:

Based on these factors, experts speculate the PS5 Pro could fall somewhere in the range of:


  • $549 USD to $599 USD: This aligns with the potential $100 USD price increase compared to the base PS5.
  • Above $600 USD: While less likely, some speculate the advancements in the PS5 Pro might push the price even higher.
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