IT professionals claim that the UK government is insufficient in safeguarding businesses and services from cyber attacks.

A recent report from cybersecurity researchers Armis has revealed that UK businesses are increasingly skeptical about the government’s ability to protect them from cyberattacks. The lack of faith in government cybersecurity measures is more pronounced in the UK than anywhere else in Europe, according to the findings.

Rising Threats and Concerns

The report, based on a survey of over 2,600 global security and IT decision-makers, highlights that 52% of IT leaders in the UK doubt the government’s capacity to defend against cyberwarfare. This represents a significant decline from the previous year when 77% believed otherwise.

Comparatively, in Germany, 40% of IT professionals lack trust in their government’s cybersecurity abilities, and in France, the figure stands at 42%. The mounting global geopolitical tensions, such as those between Russia, China, and North Korea, are amplifying the cybersecurity concerns in the UK.

Geopolitical conflicts across the globe, like the war in Ukraine and tensions between major world powers, are turning the internet into a battleground. UK companies are increasingly vulnerable, with 46% of respondents indicating that geopolitical tensions heighten the risk of cyberwarfare.

The survey reveals that a majority of UK businesses have experienced cyber breaches in the past year, with 43% reporting one or two incidents. Sectors such as utilities and healthcare have witnessed a surge in threats, with 37% and 42% respectively experiencing heightened cyber risks.

David Critchley, Regional Director for UK & Ireland at Armis, emphasized the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity strategies to bolster national confidence. He underscored the importance of proactive investment in cybersecurity technologies, including AI-driven solutions, to safeguard society from the escalating threat of cyberwarfare.

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