Manage your expectations for the Hollow Knight Silksong Xbox store page as it has been available on other platforms for a longer period of time.

The Xbox Store page for Hollow Knight Silksong has finally surfaced, catching the attention of many fans after its release post-April Fools’ Day. While the page itself lacks significant new information, it does reveal an official age rating that was previously undisclosed. This store page is legitimate, confirmed by Xbox product marketing manager Tao Sila in a recent tweet.

Though the age rating may signal a potential release window, it’s crucial to note that the game’s entry is not yet listed on the ESRB’s website, suggesting that the rating may not be finalized. Furthermore, existing store pages on platforms like Steam, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo Switch eShop have yet to update with this age rating detail. The question remains whether this is a prelude to the game’s imminent launch or merely a routine update to ensure visibility across all platforms.

Despite the buzz surrounding Hollow Knight Silksong, there is a need to manage expectations regarding its release. The game’s appearance on the Xbox Store may bring hope to eager fans, but the lack of concrete release information and finalized age ratings on official platforms indicate that the wait for this highly anticipated title may be ongoing. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting release!

Arguably one of the most eye-catching things to come from the annual minefield that is April Fools’ Day was Hollow Knight Silksong‘s brand new page on the Xbox Store.

What is notable, though, is that the existence of Hollow Knight Silksong’s new Xbox store page is indeed real, and is still live today after April Fools’ Day, as Xbox product marketing manager Tao Sila points out on X / Twitter.

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Should we get our hopes up?

Now, as mentioned, there is one new bit of information on this store page, that being Hollow Knight Silksong’s age rating of E10+ / PEGI 7. This is, however, nothing too groundbreaking, as it’s the exact same age rating that was awarded to the original Hollow Knight back in 2017.

But an age rating usually means that a game isn’t too far from release, right? Well, not necessarily. As GamesRadar points out, an entry for Hollow Knight Silksong has yet to appear on the ESRB’s official website, suggesting that any age rating has yet to be finalized.

To further dampen your spirits, store pages for Hollow Knight Silksong aren’t anything new. You can head over to Steam, the PlayStation Store or indeed the Nintendo Switch eShop to find listings for the game; they’ve just yet to be updated with the game’s tentative age rating.

So, is Hollow Knight Silksong approaching its fabled release or is this just a bit of housekeeping on developer Team Cherry’s part to ensure the product is visible on all supported storefronts? It’s most likely the latter, but hey, any rumblings about one of the most anticipated upcoming games is welcome in my book.

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