Meta Quest’s software will soon be available on the latest models of Asus ROG and Lenovo headsets.

Meta Quest has made a significant announcement regarding its collaboration with third-party companies to make its operating system available on the latest models of Asus ROG and Lenovo headsets. This move is aimed at expanding technology and providing users with more choices in the virtual reality gaming market. The decision to open up their operating system is in line with Meta’s goal to give developers the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Among the initial partners, ASUS’ ROG is developing a new performance gaming headset, while Lenovo is working on three models tailored for productivity, education, and entertainment. This strategic partnership signals a new era of innovation in the VR landscape.

Last December saw the introduction of Xbox Cloud Gaming to Quest headsets in beta mode, enabling access to a plethora of new games. Meta’s collaboration with Microsoft extends to the creation of a special edition Meta Quest headset inspired by Xbox, further enhancing the gaming experience for users.

Embracing a New Philosophy

Meta is embracing a new philosophy by rebranding its operating system to Horizon OS, renaming the Meta Quest Store to the Horizon Store, and planning to rebrand the mobile app as the Horizon app. This transformation is part of Meta’s efforts to provide a seamless transition for third-party developers and users.

With Horizon OS at the helm, Meta is focusing on integrating social features into the platform, allowing developers to enhance their software with interactive elements. Mark Zuckerberg envisions Horizon OS as an open platform where developers can freely create software, fostering innovation and collaboration across different devices.

Breaking Down Barriers

While the launch of the new headsets may still be a few years away, Meta is streamlining its app development process by removing barriers between its App Lab and digital storefront. Developers can now publish software on the platform more easily, subject to basic guidelines. Meta is also looking to expand its software offerings in the Horizon Store and hopes to collaborate with leading platforms like Steam and eventually integrate apps from the Google Play Store.

Despite Meta’s efforts to expand its ecosystem, there is no confirmation yet on the involvement of other tech giants like Google and Samsung. Speculation about a potential XR/VR headset from Google and Samsung has been circulating, indicating a shifting landscape in the VR industry.

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