New Apple Headset Hit with Cracking Issue: Quality Concerns Cloud Vision Pro’s Future

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Apple’s latest foray into mixed reality, the Vision Pro headset, has encountered a potential roadblock with reports of hairline cracks appearing on the front cover glass. While the affected user base seems small, concerns about the issue’s origin and cost of repair are casting a shadow on the device’s premium price tag and first-generation status.

Cracks Emerge, Cause Unclear: After enjoying a session using the $3,500 headset, users have discovered thin cracks marring the front cover. Despite careful handling, the issue appears to affect a handful of units, including Engadget’s review device. The cause remains a mystery, with speculation pointing towards a possible manufacturing flaw.

Warranty Worries and Costly Repairs: Even with AppleCare coverage, repairs can cost $300, while those without it face a hefty $800 bill. The lack of official recognition as a manufacturing defect by Apple further adds to the frustration, raising questions about warranty coverage and repair costs.

First-Generation Jitters: This incident evokes memories of similar issues with the first-generation iPod nano, which was prone to scratches. A lawsuit and settlement later, the episode underscores the potential risks associated with early-adopter tech. While Apple might offer special repair programs for widespread issues, the current limited reports leave users navigating uncertainty.

A Step Back for the Future? The Vision Pro’s cracking problem, albeit seemingly isolated, raises concerns about its overall quality and durability. Given its hefty price tag and positioning as a cutting-edge device, such issues could dampen consumer confidence and hinder its potential success. Only time will tell if Apple addresses these concerns and whether the Vision Pro can truly live up to its futuristic vision.


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