New futures of iOS 17.4


Expanded Details:


  • Emoji: The update introduces 21 new emoji, including:
    • Objects: Melting face, flute, hand with index pointing right, low battery, goose, wing, jellyfish, and others.
    • Animals: Donkey, hippopotamus, jellyfish, blackbird, and others.
    • Food & Drink: Green heart, ginger, garlic, and a single olive.
    • Other: Beads, slide ruler, charging symbol, and others.
    • Body Parts & Symbols: Option for 18 existing people and body emojis to face in either direction.


  • Battery Health (iPhone 15 models):
    • The Settings app now displays “Battery Health” with a capacity percentage (similar to older iPhones) and a health label like “Normal” or “Serviceable.”
    • Tapping it reveals further information:
      • Maximum Capacity: Percentage of the original battery capacity remaining.
      • Peak Performance Capability: Indicates if the battery is delivering optimal performance or not.
      • History: Shows a graph of battery health over time.
      • Support: Provides options to learn more about battery performance and servicing.


  • Stolen Device Protection improvements:
    • Specific details haven’t been disclosed by Apple, but they likely focus on:
      • Enhanced security measures: Potentially making it harder to bypass security features on stolen devices.
      • Improved lost mode functionality: Offering more control and tracking options for lost devices.
      • Faster notification and response times: Ensuring users are notified quickly and can react promptly.


EU-Specific Changes:


  • Sideloading for third-party app stores: This allows users in the European Union to:
    • Download and install apps directly from third-party app stores like Aptoide or Uptodown.
    • Manage these apps through dedicated app store management tools outside of the App Store.
    • This change is specific to the EU and doesn’t apply to other regions at this time.


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