Nothing Phone 2a


The Nothing Phone 2a, the successor to the Nothing Phone (1), arrived with the promise of an affordable phone with a unique design and decent specifications. Let’s delve deeper into the technical aspects of this phone to understand its strengths and limitations.


Design and Build:

  • Transparent Back: Similar to its predecessor, the Phone 2a features a transparent back showcasing some internal components. While visually striking, this design choice might not appeal to everyone and raises concerns about dust and scratch accumulation.
  • Lightweight: Despite the plastic frame, the phone feels surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to hold.
  • Display: The 6.5-inch 1.5K OLED display offers vivid colors and good viewing angles. However, the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, which feels less smooth compared to the 90Hz or 120Hz displays becoming increasingly common in this price range.
  • IP54 Water Resistance: The phone offers basic protection against dust and water splashes, but full immersion should be avoided.



  • Processor: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor provides adequate performance for everyday tasks like browsing, social media, and light gaming. However, demanding games or multitasking might experience occasional performance stutters.
  • RAM and Storage: The base model comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which is sufficient for most users. A higher 8GB RAM option is also available for those who require increased multitasking capabilities.
  • Software: The phone runs on Nothing OS 2.5, based on Android 14. This custom skin offers a clean and near-stock Android experience with some unique features like the Glyph interface and light customization options. It is promised to receive three years of OS updates and four years of security patches, which is a positive aspect.




  • Dual Rear Camera System: The rear camera system consists of a 50MP main sensor and a 16MP ultrawide sensor. While the main sensor produces decent photos in good lighting conditions, low-light performance is average. The ultrawide sensor captures decent landscapes but lacks detail compared to the main sensor.
  • Front Camera: The 8MP front-facing camera is adequate for video calls and casual selfies but might not satisfy users who prioritize high-quality selfies.

Battery Life:

  • 5000mAh Battery: The large capacity battery provides good battery life, lasting through a full day of moderate usage and potentially longer with lighter use. It supports 45W fast charging, which can quickly top up the battery in under an hour.


Other Features:

  • Glyph Interface: The signature lighting feature on the back uses LED strips to notify users of calls, messages, and charging status. While unique, its usefulness might be subjective.
  • Fingerprint Sensor: The in-display fingerprint sensor is generally reliable but might not be the fastest compared to some competitors.



The Nothing Phone 2a offers a visually striking design, decent performance for everyday tasks, and good battery life at a competitive price point. However, the choice of plastic materials, limited display refresh rate, and average camera system might deter users looking for a more premium experience.

Ultimately, the Phone 2a caters to users prioritising aesthetics, a clean software experience, and good battery life within a budget. However, those seeking top-tier performance, camera quality, or a fully premium build might need to consider other options in the market.


The Nothing Phone 2a starts at A$529 for the base model with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. A higher-end option with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage is available for A$589. It’s important to note that these prices are specific to the Australian market (as of March 7, 2024) and might differ in other regions depending on taxes, import duties, and other factors.


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