Publicly announced release date disclosed by Obsidian’s game director, but promptly retracted.

Revealed momentarily by Obsidian Entertainment, the Avowed release date announcement was promptly withdrawn.

Following the recent Xbox Showcase event, a new trailer for Obsidian’s highly anticipated action RPG, Avowed, was unveiled. Despite this, the release date for the game still remains undisclosed, leading to speculations of a potential delay. Interestingly, an official blog post initially disclosed a launch date – November 12, 2024. However, this detail has since been expunged, although a cached version of the blog preserves the leaked information.

The revised blog post omitted any mention of a release date, stating, “The recent months at Obsidian Entertainment have been filled with rapid developments and excitement.” It continues, “Since our last interaction at the Xbox Developer Direct in January, our focus has been on Avowed. Today, we are delighted to present our inaugural story trailer at Xbox Games Showcase 2024 and delve deeper into our shared vision with you.”

Speculations suggest that the Game Director of Avowed may have prematurely declared a release date, only to retract it due to potential scheduling conflicts with other Xbox game launches. Despite this, the revelation has piqued the interest of Avowed enthusiasts.

While the possibility of Avowed premiering on November 12th lingers, the likelihood seems uncertain at this stage.

Initially announced for Xbox and PC in July 2020, Avowed beckons players to immerse themselves in the enigmatic Living Lands – an island teeming with adventures and hazards. Set in the fictional realm of Eora, familiar to Pillars of Eternity enthusiasts, this first-person fantasy action RPG from the acclaimed team at Obsidian Entertainment thrusts you into the role of an envoy from Aedyr. Sent to investigate rumors of a cataclysmic plague sweeping the Living Lands, players are faced with a tapestry of choices, consequences, and perilous encounters. Unravel the mysteries of this untamed wilderness and confront an ancient secret that threatens to unravel everything you hold dear. Can you safeguard this uncharted territory and your very essence from the encroaching darkness?

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