Qualcomm declares India’s importance as a market for chip design, highlighting Modi’s focus on promoting chip industry.

India’s chip push

India’s semiconductor ambitions have made huge strides with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government approving three semiconductor plants in Gujarat and Assam with investments of more than $15 billion.

India aims to be one of the top five semiconductor manufacturers globally in the next five years, according to Ashwini Vaishnaw, minister of electronics and information technology, railways and communications.

India wants to become a major chip hub to compete against the U.S., Taiwan, and South Korea and has been attracting foreign chip makers to set up operations in the country.

To boost domestic manufacturing capabilities and exports, India has announced billions of dollars worth of production-linked incentives to attract investment in key areas of technology.

Qualcomm’s Role in India

Qualcomm is already designing chips in India, leveraging the country’s pool of talented engineers, according to Savi Soin, president of Qualcomm India.

The American chip giant is known for its Snapdragon processors which power some of the top Android smartphones globally.

Qualcomm doesn’t manufacture its own chips but relies on manufacturers like TSMC, Samsung Electronics, and GlobalFoundries.

With a significant number of engineers in India, Qualcomm is actively involved in end-to-end chip design in the country.

India’s Growing Market Potential

The 1.77 billion rupee investment in India will support Qualcomm’s commitment to the Indian government’s vision of “Make in India” and “Design in India.”

India has been recognized as a promising market by Qualcomm, with discussions underway for potential collaborations in semiconductor back-ends and manufacturing.

Companies like Apple and Google have already started diversifying their manufacturing operations to India, taking advantage of the country’s growth potential and geopolitical benefits.

Overall, India’s focus on enhancing its semiconductor industry and Qualcomm’s proactive involvement in chip design within the country indicate a promising future for the technology sector in India. With significant investments, government support, and collaborations with global technology giants, India is well on its way to establishing itself as a major player in the semiconductor market, attracting both investment and talent from around the world.

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