Razer has been instructed to reimburse $1.1 million due to false claims regarding its Zephyr RGB mask N95.

Razer has been instructed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to reimburse over $1.1 million to consumers who purchased the Razer Zephyr RGB mask under the false pretense of it being “N95-grade”. This development stemmed from the company’s erroneous assertion regarding the mask’s qualifications.

Initially reported by IGN, the FTC highlighted that the $1.1 million reimbursement amount is to be distributed to individuals who fell victim to Razer’s misleading marketing tactics. The company publicized the face masks as N95-grade without securing the necessary certification, only amending their website disclaimer in 2022.

FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Director, Sam Levine, condemned Razer’s unethical business practices, pointing out that Razer ceased the false advertising post the backlash from both media and consumers. Around 11,000 customers are eligible for refunds, having purchased the Razer Zephyr for $100 each during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Razer Zephyr included 30 filters in the starter pack, offering wearers a 90-day supply before requiring additional filter packs at $10 each, ultimately leading to the product’s removal from shelves.

Razer responded by acknowledging the misrepresentation, emphasizing they informed customers of the mask’s actual specifications over two years ago. The company also halted sales, refunded buyers, and removed all mentions of the Zephyr from their website.

Initially unveiled at CES 2021 as Project Hazel, the mask enticed consumers with its RGB lighting and interchangeable filters, despite not possessing N95 respirator capabilities. A follow-up model, the Zephyr Pro featuring voice modulation, was announced but never materialized, leaving the original Zephyr as a cautionary tale in product marketing.

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