Rumors about the New Nintendo Switch 2 indicate that the battery life in handheld mode will be significantly reduced.

During a recent discussion on the Broken Silicon podcast between content creators Moore’s Law Is Dead and The Phawx about Nintendo’s next console, it was said that they expect to see some Xbox Series S-level ray-tracing for the device and that battery life will be much different compared to the launch Nintendo Switch (via IGN).

New rumors suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have an improved performance while docked, but perhaps not so much in handheld mode.

Moore’s Law Is Dead specifically stated that they’ve heard rumors that the Switch 2’s batter life will be “clocked faster than we expect” when it’s in docked mode, however undocked “it’s going to be crazy low.” The content creator says this is because Nintendo wants better battery life than last generation, while The Phawx adds that the company is aiming to both extend battery life as well as allow the console to feature a low RPM fan.

Nintendo has yet to officially announce the next Switch console, but we’ve been hearing plenty of rumors circulating as the company – as well as Sony and Microsoft – look towards the next console generation. More recently, we learned that a Nintendo executive hinted that Switch 2 will feature backwards compatibility, allowing users to play their current Switch games on the next-generation device.

If a Switch 2 is to be revealed, the news is largely tipped to arrive by the end of this year, although, a report from the Japanese media outlet Nikkei has reported that the arrival of the console itself may be delayed until 2025 in order to avoid stock shortages, which lines up with what leakers are saying about that the Switch 2 launching at the start of 2025.

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