Samsung is considering the possibility of enhancing Bixby through the use of generative AI technology.

Samsung is considering the possibility of enhancing Bixby through the use of generative AI technology. The company acknowledges the potential of integrating generative artificial intelligence technology into their voice assistant, Bixby, to further improve the functionality and appeal of Samsung devices. Voice assistants like Bixby have historically been more transactional, with users asking questions and receiving direct answers. However, with advances in generative AI, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, voice assistants are becoming more conversational and capable of handling complex queries by generating responses in various forms like text, images, and even videos.

Samsung sees Bixby as a crucial tool for users to control their devices, spanning from smartphones to home appliances. While Bixby has been instrumental in Samsung’s ecosystem, it has not possessed the advanced capabilities of newer generative AI technologies like ChatGPT. Samsung aims to enhance its AI features across its devices, including the latest S24 series of smartphones, with the integration of generative AI and large language model (LLM) technologies into Bixby. By equipping Bixby with such advanced AI capabilities, Samsung hopes to enable more natural and intelligent conversations and provide seamless integration with their ecosystem of products.

Executive Vice President at Samsung’s mobile business, Won-joon Choi, expressed the company’s commitment to redefining Bixby’s role with generative AI technology. While the timeline for implementing these features is not specified, Samsung is dedicated to delivering these enhancements to customers. This strategic focus on advancing AI in Bixby aligns with the broader industry trend, as competitors like Apple also explore integrating generative AI features into their products. Overall, Samsung’s ambition to enhance Bixby through generative AI reflects their dedication to innovation and improving user experiences across their range of devices.

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