Starfield June Patch Enhances Close Combat, Introduces Pursuit of Targets and Premium Extra Content tasks

Amidst the Xbox Game Showcase 2024, Bethesda Game Studios surprisingly revealed not just the trailer for the Shattered Space expansion but also disclosed the launch of a new Starfield patch.

In a detailed video post-showcase, the developers of the game introduced a plethora of fresh features and contents. Among the significant alterations is the introduction of various tiers for melee weapons, offering escalating damage attributes. Additionally, melee weapons can now be upgraded using the crafting mechanism. Addressing a long-standing community request, players can now craft ammunition for ranged weapons as well.

Adding to the gameplay, a new bounty hunting scanning system has been integrated, enabling players to scan non-playable characters (NPCs) to identify if they are wanted and for what offense. This feature aligns with the newly introduced Tracking Alliance mission system, featuring an inaugural free mission where players are initiated into the faction after capturing a spaceship thief. Subsequent missions under the Tracking Alliance umbrella will require payment. The first paid mission named “The Vulture” is accessible for 1000 Premium Credits ($9.99). Notably, owners of Starfield Premium Edition receive a bonus 1000 Premium Credits for a seamless purchase of the mission.

The later part of the extensive video delves into Creations, a platform that made its debut on Skyrim towards the end of 2023. This platform showcases additional content from Bethesda as well as content generated by users, which can be free or premium. Players can already explore new quests, lavish residences, outfits, modules, and even a ramen stall.

A number of Verified Creators have already outlined their upcoming projects, including new missions, companions, potential multi-firing mode weapons, and more. As expected, the Creation Kit is readily available for anyone interested in creating Starfield content, accessible for download via Steam.

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