TeamGroup has revealed the perfect microSD card for the Steam Deck, but its availability remains uncertain.

TeamGroup, a renowned memory and storage manufacturer, has recently introduced a new microSD card that is generating buzz as the ideal companion for the Steam Deck. The TeamGroup T-Create Expert S.M.A.R.T. MicroSDXC memory card stands out with its impressive 2TB capacity. While primarily aimed at the creative community, its exceptional read/write speeds and ample storage make it a desirable choice for PC gaming handhelds like the Steam Deck that support microSD cards for expanded storage.

One of the key features of this memory card is its ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ software, which enables users to monitor the card’s health and performance using proprietary software developed by TeamGroup. This innovative software employs flash memory wear detection technology to provide users with insights into the card’s condition, offering a valuable indication of potential issues before they arise.

In terms of performance, the TeamGroup microSD card boasts impressive read and write speeds of up to 170 MB/s and 160 MB/s respectively. While these speeds may not match those of the flash storage found in the base Steam Deck model, or the models equipped with a PCIe SSD, they are more than sufficient for storing and accessing a vast game library, allowing users to seamlessly manage and enjoy a multitude of games offline.

When Can You Buy It and How Much Will It Cost?

Despite the excitement surrounding the announcement of TeamGroup’s high-capacity microSD card, potential buyers are facing uncertainty regarding its availability and pricing. As of now, the card does not appear to be available for purchase, and without official pricing details from TeamGroup, consumers are left in the dark about the cost of upgrading to this expansive storage solution.

Recent history has seen several 2TB microSD cards announced, only to never materialize in the market. TeamGroup, with its robust distribution network, may have an advantage in bringing its product to market ahead of competitors. The success of this endeavor would not only benefit the company but also cater to the needs of Steam Deck owners and creatives alike, who are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to enhance their storage capabilities with this innovative microSD card.

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