The bill that could ban TikTok


As of today, March 14, 2024, the bill that could potentially ban TikTok in the US is still making its way through the legislative process. Here’s a quick update:


  • House Approval: The bill, officially named the “Addressing the National Security Risks of Social Media Act,” was passed by the House of Representatives in October 2023. This means the House voted in favor of the legislation.
  • Senate Status: The bill currently awaits a vote in the Senate. This is the upper chamber of the US Congress, and its approval is necessary for the bill to become law.
  • Senate Uncertainty: Previous attempts to restrict TikTok have stalled in the Senate. This suggests the current bill might face an uphill battle there. Senators may have different priorities or require more information before voting.
  • Presidential Stance: President Biden has indicated he would be willing to sign the bill if it reaches his desk. This suggests he shares concerns about potential national security risks.


This moment, the future of the TikTok ban bill remains unclear. It depends on the Senate vote, potential negotiations, and the broader geopolitical climate between the US and China.


Possible Outcomes:


  • Ban: Publishers would need to adapt their strategies and explore alternative platforms.
  • Negotiations: TikTok could continue operating under certain conditions.
  • No Ban: The current situation continues, but national security concerns might linger.


Publisher reactions to the potential TikTok ban in the US are mixed, reflecting both potential benefits and drawbacks:


Worries for Some Publishers:


  • Loss of a Valuable Platform: Many publishers, particularly those in the news and entertainment sectors, have embraced TikTok for reaching new audiences and promoting content. A ban would force them to find alternative platforms, which could be challenging and time-consuming.
  • Impact on E-commerce: TikTok Shop, the platform’s e-commerce feature, has become a significant sales channel for some publishers. Losing access to this growing market could hurt their revenue streams.
  • Reduced User Engagement: Publishers who have invested in building a TikTok presence worry about losing the audience they’ve cultivated there.


Potential Benefits for Others:


  • Shifting User Base: Some publishers might see an opportunity if a large number of TikTok users migrate to other platforms they control, potentially leading to increased engagement and ad revenue.
  • Reduced Competition: A ban on TikTok could lessen competition for user attention, potentially benefiting other social media platforms publishers already use.


General Concerns:


  • Uncertainty: The potential ban creates uncertainty for publishers who need to plan their marketing strategies. They might hesitate to invest heavily in a platform that could be banned.
  • Freedom of Expression: Some publishers worry that the ban could set a precedent for restricting access to other social media platforms.


Overall, publishers are in a wait-and-see mode. Many are likely hoping for a resolution that addresses national security concerns without severely impacting their ability to reach audiences and generate revenue.


V Spehar, the creator of the popular TikTok channel UnderTheDeskNews, has been vocal in opposing efforts to ban the platform. Notably, Spehar traveled to Capitol Hill last year to coincide with CEO Shou Zi Chew’s testimony before Congress.



Is it all legal? No. Will it matter? Also no. Anyhooo #agenda47 thoughts?

♬ Jan6 was an Insurrection – UnderTheDeskNews


Additional points:


  • Alternative Platforms: If a TikTok ban happens, publishers will likely explore alternative platforms with similar features, like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts.
  • Negotiations: The possibility of negotiations between the US government and TikTok exists. If successful, this could lead to an agreement that allows the platform to continue operating while addressing security concerns.

For many, the possibility of a TikTok ban is a terrifying prospect, as it jeopardizes their income source.


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