The cast of Netflix’s Wednesday season 2 is revving up with the addition of a Westworld star, while Apple’s Neuromancer series has secured its leading role.

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One of the latest additions to the cast of Netflix’s Wednesday season two is the talented Thandiwe Newton, best known for her Emmy-winning role in Westworld and acclaimed performances in films like Crash, Beloved, and The Pursuit of Happyness. The show has already gained attention with Steve Buscemi joining the cast, and the inclusion of Newton only amplifies the anticipation surrounding the second season.

However, the details surrounding the upcoming season of Wednesday remain shrouded in mystery. According to an exclusive from Variety, little is known about the plot of the new season beyond Jenna Ortega reprising her role as the Addams Family daughter navigating her teenage years. With the first season of the show garnering immense success, scoring 12 Emmy nominations and clinching four wins, the influx of top-tier talent for season two is a testament to its widespread popularity.

In a separate development, Callum Turner, known for his roles in Masters of the Air and The Boys in the Boat, is set to star in Neuromancer, a 10-part series on Apple TV Plus based on William Gibson’s acclaimed novel. Turner will portray the protagonist, Case, a skilled hacker who becomes entangled in a dangerous world of electronic espionage and corporate intrigue. The novel’s influence on the cyberpunk genre is significant, and fans are eagerly anticipating Turner’s portrayal of this complex character.

As a fan of Gibson’s work, the adaptation of Neuromancer has sparked optimism, especially considering the involvement of the same production company behind the successful series Foundation. While previous attempts to adapt Gibson’s stories have faced challenges, the pedigree of those involved in this project bodes well for its potential success.

Both Neuromancer and the second season of Wednesday are slated to premiere this year, although specific streaming dates have yet to be announced. As fans eagerly await these highly-anticipated shows, the addition of talented actors like Newton and Turner only heightens the excitement surrounding their release.

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