The cutting-edge Typhur Dome from the future could potentially address the major issue found in air fryers.

It’s getting hot in here

The Dome has an adjustable temperature range that goes from 105ºF right up to a hotter-than-usual 450ºF (40ºC – 232ºC). Typhur has invested plenty of effort into apparently perfecting the airflow and circulation to deliver super-quick cooking speeds, and more control to the home-chef operating it. Its ability to get super-hot is also key to another of the Dome’s special features: its self-cleaning mode. This two-hour cycle heats up the cavity to help clear out lingering grease and prevent it from building up. For day-to-day cleaning, the basket is also dishwasher safe.

Air fryers can be great for saving time and energy, but on a practical level there does appear to be a flaw with the design. Most of today’s best air fryers are tall rather than wide, so while the internal volume is generous, the usable space can be rather limited. Unless you’re cooking something that comfortably fits those dimensions, food will end up being stacked, rather than sitting in a single layer. The result is uneven crisping and the need to shake the contents mid-cook in order to achieve consistent browning.

Typhur aims to offer a solution with its Dome air fryer, which sports a wider, shallower design that lets you cook as much food as possible in one layer. It will fit 32 wings on a single rack, or a full 12-inch pizza, without having to cut it up. Since food isn’t stacked, the results should be better, more evenly crisped… which is what everyone wants from their air fryer, right? The Dome is quite the hot (no pun intended) product at the moment, doing the rounds on TikTok and being featured by Kelly Clarkson on her show. It even comes with an endorsement by Brooklyn Peltz Beckham – and if that isn’t a recommendation you can trust, I don’t know what is.

(Image credit: Typhur)

Of course, the wider blueprint does mean you’ll need more counter space. For smaller kitchens, a model such as the new Ninja Double Stack air fryer, which has two drawers, one on top of the other, might offer a better solution. Or head to our roundup of the best small air fryers for more compact options.

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