The CXL Memory Module Box, a small device from Samsung, has the capability to store 2TB of valuable RAM that is worth a significant amount of money. This innovative technology is being praised as the next generation of server memory for the AI era.

Easy setup

Samsung says the CMM-B integrates seamlessly into Supermicro Plug and Play Rack Scale Solutions, ensuring not only faster productivity but also reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

The CMM-B module comes pre-installed with Samsung’s Cognos Management Console (SCMC) software, which provides an intuitive interface for quick setup of the Rack-Scale server appliance. This software facilitates dynamic memory allocation, enabling memory to be allocated independently of the server to which it is attached.

At MemCon 2024, Samsung showcased its latest HBM3E technology, talked about its future HBM4 plans, and unveiled the CXL Memory Module Box, also known as CMM-B, the latest addition to its Compute Express Link (CXL) memory module portfolio.

CMM-B is essentially a memory pooling appliance for rack computing leveraging CXL. It supports disaggregated memory allocation, allowing memory capacity available in remote locations to be shared across multiple servers. Through this, CMM-B enables independent resource allocation in the rack cluster and allows for larger pools of memory to be assigned as needed. With up to 60GB/s bandwidth, Samsung says CMM-B is ideal for applications like AI, in-memory databases, and data analytics.

CMM-B can accommodate eight E3.S form factor CMM-D (PCIe Gen5) memory modules for a total of 2TB. CMM-D memory integrates Samsung’s DRAM technology with the CXL open standard interface to deliver efficient, low-latency connectivity between the CPU and memory expansion devices.


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