The long-anticipated Meta AI update has landed on Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, bringing major improvements to the device.

The exclusivity of the Meta AI features to the US and Canada is a major limitation following the update of the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Despite the excitement surrounding the release, it is important to note that the Meta AI tools are still in beta, hinting at potential issues with reliability and accuracy. While users can now access these features, they may encounter challenges in their functionality.

(Image credit: Ray-Ban / Meta)

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have finally made strides in fulfilling the AI promises made by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg during Meta Connect 2023. The introduction of the ‘Look and Ask’ feature stands out as a key improvement. By initiating a command starting with “Hey Meta, look and…” users can inquire about various subjects using the images captured by the glasses’ camera. Whether it’s identifying an animal, a landmark, or seeking recipe suggestions, the Meta AI leverages its database, encompassing training data and information from sources like Google and Bing, to provide responses.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses covered in water droplets

(Image credit: Meta)

In addition to ‘Look and Ask,’ users can interact with the Meta AI assistant through voice commands similar to Google or Siri. This functionality allows for tasks such as initiating video calls, sending messages, sharing media, and controlling music playback directly from the glasses. However, be prepared for potential attention as speaking to your smart glasses in public may draw some curious glances.

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